ITVX for Kodi

viwX Add-on

viwx is an add-on for Kodi media center enabling access to live and video on-demand from ITVX; the web streaming service of British broadcaster ITV.

This is an unofficial add-on. It is not created or endorsed by ITV, nor is the developer in any way associated with ITV. The add-on just provides access to ITV’s web services from Kodi, so the same limitations encountered with a generic web browser also apply to this add-on:

  • You can only watch ITVX in the UK.
  • You need an ITVX account to watch live or VOD content.


  • Watch the main ITV live channels.
  • Watch the stream-only FAST channels.
  • Watch all video on-demand offered by ITVX. Premium content is of course only available to users with a paid ITVX premium account.
  • Search
  • Play from the start for programmes on the main live channels.
    Available from the context menu on channels in the ‘Live’ menu.
  • My ItvX with:
    • Support for ITVX’s My List.
      Add to or remove programmes from My List by using the context menu on programmes in any type of listing.
    • Continue Watching with synced status across different devices.
      Resume watching on one device what you started on another, regardless of whether it’s viwX, the ITVX app or the ITVX website.
    • Because You Watched.
      ITVX’s recommendations based on a recently watched programme.
    • Recommended for You.
      General recommendations from ITVX.
  • Option to hide premium content from listings.
  • Option to show subtitles on VOD content, with the option to enable/disable colourisation of subtitles.
  • Support for embedded subtitles on live streams.


Only Kodi 19 (Matrix) and higher are supported.

Preferred Method

ViwX is available in the official Kodi add-on repository. Installing from the Kodi repo is the easiest and most secure way of installing this add-on, and is the only method that supports automatic updates.

To install from the official Kodi repo, select Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from repository -> Kodi Add-on repository -> Video add-ons. Scroll down to viwX, select and install.

After installation, open the add-on’s settings to sign in to your ITVX account.

Alternative Method

For those who prefer to install add-ons manually, or want immediate access to new versions, this method of installing from zip remains available:

  • Ensure that installing from unknown sources is enabled in Kodi. Click here for instructions.
  • Download the latest release. You can add as file source to Kodi’s file manager (instructions), so you can easily download the zip file from Kodi. Alternatively, download the latest zip file manually from the GitHub releases page to a place that is accessible by your Kodi device.
  • Choose install from zip from Kodi’s add-on menu, browse to the file source you’ve just created and install the latest version, or install the manually downloaded zip file. Check how to install from zip file for detailed instructions.


Head for support, questions and general discussions regarding this add-on to this thread on the Kodi forum. If you are confident you’ve found a bug, please open an issue on GitHub.


The source code of this addon is hosted at


This add-on is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.